2018. április 22., vasárnap

Ascension Conference Budapest - Part 1.

By Steve Smaly (István Apró)
Translation: Anita Rácz

The official summary of the Hungarian Ascension Conference will be posted soon by Cobra, but till then I would like to share some feelings with you.
When on Sunday, the daughters of several nations forming a Love circle hand in hand, became one Heart in the Light of the Goddess energies, which touched everyone in the room - whether consciously or not - many people had tears in their eyes ... because such a powerful love astonished the long-suffering and tired souls. When this happened, Cobra told at the conference that "This is the moment he has been waiting for all his life" and something began in history that was born there and then in Budapest. The Pleiadians did not choose the place and the date randomly. This was the first conference in the new timeline that will overwrite all previous timelines ...

I'm glad to have been part of this event that I will never forget. We have received and still receive so much love from the participants since then and they have conveyed us emotions and experiences that I am obliged to describe and share with you because I cannot keep it to myself.
There are the tears that are the tears of pain ... there are the tears that are the tears of joy. I already knew these ... But I got to know the tears that belong to the third category ... The tears that you feel in your heart when you are touched by True Love again... the Love you cut yourself off thousands of years ago ... the Love that makes the body tremble, the body, which is the prison of the soul; and the Love that will make you unstoppable on the way home, you will break your chains, you make a decision and you will be free.
Many people could feel some kind of Power and Love that is almost impossible to experience on Earth. But that evening we brought this Power back beacuse we decided to do so.
Since Monday many of us did not wake up like before ... many of us do not think the same way as before ... we do not feel and do not love the way we did before... Something changed and we anchored something here on the physical plane.
You know, earlier I listened to the words of the so called "smart", the threats of the tiny, programmed low energies ... now I know what counts and what value is ... what is important and what is not. I will immediately delete and transform them. I knew where I was going and what the purpose of my life was ... but now a driving force is taking me closer and closer to this goal, which I only experienced long ago and which I missed so much. It is enough of suffering!
Cobra's words pierced through the energies of the physical world. The unity and the efforts made so far are perceived by those who are not building this physical world, but following their mission, they create the world that is the World of Ascension, the World of Love ... for them all is visible, because only with the heart that one can see. If I could summarize the conference's message, it would go like this:
Find yourself, find the purpose for which you were born and achieve that purpose. Be honest with yourself, get up, decide on your life and do what you have to do or you should have already done. That is all.
If you get going, you will find partners. Cobra said, "There is no need for followers, I do not want followers! I need co-creators! "
I would add to this that you should not care about others criticizing you or about others wanting to tell you what to think, what to feel and what to believe or not to believe... Or why you say this or that ... etc. If someone is on a clear path and strengthens the Light, you will recognize it. Because they will not care about your life and what you do and how you do it. They will not project their fear on you just out of "protection" ... because they know the Law of Free Will, the Law of Unity, the Law of Live and Let Live ... If they are on the true path, they will care about themselves to fulfill their mission and to contribute to the liberation of the planet. They will cooperate with those who serve the same purpose and will help them, support and secure them and will use every minute to serve the Light, Ascension ... because every minute counts ... they will not follow leaders, self-appointed gurus and gods, but the heart's word , the call of Love.
If you want to save the Earth, if you want to do something for others, if you want to give meaning to your life then you only have to save one person: YOURSELF! It is not about changing others, or making them be this or that... The most important law is the Law of Free Will. Until you cannot accept it and you do not understand it, you cannot do anything and all your actions, words and will will be useless.
Stand up finally, lift your head up! You carry Divine quality. All that is causing you pain, suffering and misery, is unworthy to you.
Do not find your path in new religions or belief systems, do not follow others. Be who you are!!! Feel the words: I AM!
If you make a decision, you will be unstoppable, you will not have enemies and the Divine Plan, for which you were born, will be realized by you.
Everyone shifted into a higher level there and then and we could almost physically feel the presence of the Pleiadians and their fleet.
Many people made a decision that evening and got going following the words of the heart ... and Sisterhood of the Rose groups are being formed around the world - as allies of the hearts. There is Unity and Unconditional Pure Love that bonds them. Soul families met there that evening and the hearts quietly and silently made their way ... heart portals opened and received the energies ... the energies were flowing... and the tears of Love ... as rivers that flow into the ocean ... were flowing into the Infinite Ocean of Love.
I am thankful for being alive, for being able love and for being in Unity.
Victory of the Light!
PS: We have received a lot of feedback that radiate Love, the Power of Collaboration and the desire for Liberation. We are going to publish them soon (without names).