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COBRA interview with the Hungarian COBRA Group & COBRA Etheric Liberation Hungary group meeting report - 29 December, 2016

by Steven Smaly & Anita Rácz
Many of us have been waiting for this meeting for a very long time. It was a wonderful sunny afternoon with 90 people attending at our first gathering in a Budapest conference hall.

People from all over the country felt the call to come together in unity, they arrived from different places, even from Slovakia. One group member joined us from Germany on Skype.

After the introduction of the group, the admins, the helpers and the supporters, we talked about our goals, why we are here and what our mission is.
Previously, we had sent some questions to Cobra, asked by the members of the group. At the meeting we read out these questions together with Cobra's answers.
Antal Berecz, the owner of a Hungarian online radio station, www.barradio.eu, also attended the meeting. We talked about our future plans together to provide the listeners with information, news, reports and interviews regarding how to prepare for the Event and the coming changes.

The participants could also meet the members of the Hungarian Sisterhood of the Rose group, the women selected by the Goddess energy for this wonderful mission. The group has had two gatherings so far. The women talked about their noble mission and how their lives had changed and how they can assist in the Ascension process to create a better world for everyone. They have monthly meetings, the next one will take place on 22 January, 2017 in Budapest.

Several people volunteered to start local Event Support Groups and Sisterhood of the Rose groups all over the country where many people can join in the future.

We could also go on an inner journey through a guided meditation, "Releasing Fear", lead by Anita Rácz. We explored the roots of our fears and each of us could work on ourselves to reach a state of bliss where love can constantly flow into our lives and where it can take over our lives. It was a special meditation from Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan, the Avatars from India, the founders of Oneness University. The Weekly Ascension Meditation was also included in the guided meditation.

At the end of the meeting we formed a large circle in the hall and hand in hand we listened to Michael Jackson's song, Heal the World.
We imaniged our beautiful Earth in the middle... Brilliantly... Its Light shining through the whole Solar System... There exists only Love and Peace... There is Oneness and Harmony in the hearts of the people... Hand in hand, smiling at each other they create a powerful Lightgrid on Earth and they say together in different languages:
Heal the world ...

COBRA questions and answers (6th Dec. 2016)
Steve: Do the Cabal or the Light Forces have more influence on Hungary?
COBRA: Both.
Steve: Who were our ancestors who created us people?
COBRA: Please specify your question.
Steve: The next question is related to Kryon, the entity living inside the Earth. Corey Goode has also talked about this entity, who even though wants our ascension, it is still partly misleading what he says. He seems to share a lot of meaningless information and I get nervous when I read his messages because I have the feeling he talks too much about nothing. If it is not so, then why do I feel uneasy about him? Is Kryon a clear source?
COBRA: To a certain degree.
Steve: Does Sheldan Nidle really come from the Sirius star system and is the information he shares correct? I do not exactly mean his weekly messages but the information he shares on his website about the lightships, light chambers and the Galactic Federation.
COBRA: Sheldan Nidle had pysical contact with the Sirians.
Steve: It seems to me that the most important thing is which timeline will be activated. How many possible timelines exist, and what will decide which one prevails? If everyone would be able to accomplish their goals why they incarnated here, what would be its result?
COBRA: There is one main positive timeline with subtle variations. If everybody would do their mission, we would have the Event decades ago.
Steve: Was the method of Access Bars really given to humanity by positive ETs?
Steve: Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan, the Avatars from India, work for creating oneness (Oneness University) and we know the phenomenon of deeksha through them. Do they work for the Light? What can you tell us about them? Do they play any role towards the Event?
COBRA: Yes, they work for the Light. They try to bring as much Light as possible to prepare us for the Event.
Steve: Does the positive Templar group in Hungary know about the Cobra Etheric Liberation Hungary group and do they monitor the work of our group?
Steve: What kind of quality does the Goddess quality represent? In what way can it appear in our personal lives? What kind of „tasks” does it go hand in hand with? How can we deepen this quality within ourselves day by day? What is the real mission of today’s Sisterhood of the Rose group, the Goddesses, who have recreated this community all over the world, apart from supporting the Event?
COBRA: Goddess energy brings the feminine qualites of love, tenderness and beauty. It can make our lives flowing more smoothly and with less obstacles. You can connect with the Goddess energy in your own way. Sisterhood of the Rose group can meet weeky to bring as much as possilbe of the Goddess energy in daily life.
Steve: What level of consciousness are the Lightworkers on at the moment, compared to their previous level? How much their inner Light and strength have increased recently? 
COBRA: The Light is strenthening.
Steve: Are the Blue Avians, the sphere beings, those seraphims and cherubims referred to in the Bible?
Steve: With the help of bilocation techniques we could achieve a huge success towards the liberation of the planet. With these techniques, although under certain conditions, we can already safely make contact with certain inner Earth cultures and if many people would use these methods it would result in dissolving the matrix, besides its beneficial effects on humanity. The question is: how to implement this technique in the most effective way?
COBRA: After your Ascension.
Steve: Is that true that El Roi from the Bible lives on Earth on a hidden location and does he keep society in balance?
Steve: Why did the Mayans go under ground and how developed are they?
COBRA: They created a breakaway civilization and they are very developed now. Many of them have been reabsorbed into the Pleiaidan civilization.
Steve: Why do we have to repeat our path so many times? How can we remember when it is erased? When will a cell be able to remember again?
COBRA: Because the Archons erase the memory. You can remember again if you reconnect with your Soul.
Steve: Which important question did not we ask that can pave our path?
COBRA: How can I become who I really am?
Steve: I read about Area 51 earlier, where there are experimental bases for aliens, where cloning is done. Does Area 51 still exist or has it already been destroyed?
COBRA: Area 51 has been repurposed and remodelled.
Steve: According to the Jewish Talmud "Jesus is the son of the unholy Nimrud." What does this actually mean? What does it refer to? So whose son did Jesus incarnate as and of which people?
COBRA: Can you show the exact quote from Talmud that says this?
Steve: Thank you very much.
We really appreciate Cobra for sharing his busy time with us for this interview.
Victory of the Light!